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Strength Foundation 2.0

A quote stolen off an amazing performance coach Jeremy Sheppard, but just follows up on my last blog, explaining how important strength development is at this time of year.Now more so than ever, when considering covid and how it has disrupted structured training and training specifically for competition.

Customized Programs for Customized Situations

One of the biggest questions we hear is, ‘why hasn’t rugby picked up in the US’ or ‘what makes rugby so big in other countries but not here?’. One of the main reasons is the lack of access to high performance resources and professionals to help lead the way.

The Launch of the Athlete Collective

The Athlete Collective is a new organization focused on the development of rugby in North America.  Engaging with professional players and teams, as well as the greater community, “The AC” will provide world class resources to players and teams that want to excel.

Mental Toughness

After chatting with Alex, I compiled a list of lessons athletes at all levels can learn from, helping them consider how to help athletes to become mentally tough over time. After all, I believe toughness can be taught and learned.

Taking Care of Yourself: A holistic approach

Training as a rugby player includes team practice, S & C, skills, drills, techniques, competing, pushing your body to its physical limits, and so much more. You keep your body in tip top condition to be able to perform all the physical components of your game. You feel the physical stress of muscle fatigue, cramping, pain, and pushing yourself

The Big Secret to Sports Nutrition

Pssst.  Hey, kid. Yeah, you.  Over here. No, over here. No, not in the portapotty, that’s just weird. Who hides in a portapotty? Over here, by the Nespresso machine. Yeah, there you go. You wanna know a secret? How would you like to know the most powerful, legal, performance-enhancer that exists today for rugby?  Or any sport for that matter?