Physical Therapist & Holistic Nutrition
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I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy licensed in NY, SC, and OR. I graduated from Binghamton University with a Bachelors in Biology '06. From there, I went on to earn my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from New York Medical College '09. I have a passion for understanding body mechanics and how all body systems connect together. During my practice as a physical therapist, I developed a second passion for nutrition and relating how the foods we consume, our thoughts, and our behaviors affect all aspects of our health. I earned my Certification in Functional Nutrition from the Institute for Health Professionals at Portland Community College '18.

Since being married to a rugby player (Troy Hall) and rehabbing many rugby injuries, I have come to really enjoy and appreciate the sport! I love the energy and the physicality of rugby, and, of course, the players. I have a drive for helping an individual athlete find the "why" behind taking care of him/herself on and off the field. Together, our (Troy and myself) passion for helping rugby players turned into our company, Hall Wellness & Sports Consultants. Our company was born out of Troy's personal experiences, struggles, and needs as a rugby player, combined with my experience as a PT and my nutritional background.

In my downtime, I love spending time with my two active children as well as strength training, bouldering, and spending time outdoors at the beach and hiking with my family. I also love traveling to New York, New Zealand and Australia to visit family.

why did you
join the ac?

I wanted to be a part of The AC because it is an amazing concept that Troy and I have been passionate about through our own business as well. I love working with rugby athletes and helping them find clarity on their health and wellness goals. The AC has the same values as I do and takes a holistic approach when helping rugby athletes become better individuals as well as better professionals both on and off the field. I think it is an awesome opportunity to work with this group of passionate people to provide the best possible service for the athletes.


I love working with open minded rugby athletes and helping them find clarity on their health, wellness and performance goals.

Sarah Hall PT, DPT, BCHN®