high peformance coaching

We built The Athlete Collective to help athletes pursue their rugby dreams. For each athlete, the AC Coaches create a remote high performance learning environment tailored to meet the athlete’s individual needs.. Your program would cover:

  1. Strength and Conditioning
  2. Nutrition Counseling
  3. Mental Skills Development
  4. Mental Skills Development
  5. Rugby Skills Analysis and Development
Mental Performance

The AC brings Mental Skill experts with Olympic and World Cup experience. Focusing on skill development, the AC’s approach is to connect all areas of High Performance and enable the athlete to be their best self. Clients and teams will have access to a pre and post performance survey that will help athletes prepare to excel in performance. They can also access support and tools that will help them deal with the stresses of their life as a professional athlete. Teams will get support for their athletes on an individual basis as well as team data that will allow coaches to enhance their approach and culture.

Nutritional Skills

The AC Nutritionists bring international rugby experience as both players and coaches.  Elite sports nutrition is based on a series of progressive skills that the athlete needs to master before moving on to the next level.   The nutrition programs for individuals will be matched to the goals of the athlete and where they are in the season.  For teams, the AC nutritionists can support the team’s high performance staff by applying the latest research to enhance recovery, injury rehabilitation and game performance.

Physical & Medical Support

The AC can provide an athlete with supplemental medical and physical wellness support. Many athletes carry old injuries that they have never dealt with, get new injuries that are preventing them from excelling, or simply need advise when it comes to taking care of their bodies. AC experts help the athlete learn how to make good choices for optimal recovery and healthy functioning. Our rugby experienced medical experts will work with their team's medical staff and the AC experts from other disciplines to develop an individualized program to get the athlete physically and mentally healthy.