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The AC helps our athletes maximize their commercial value during their career.  This includes advising on their rugby career decision, creating opportunities for sponsorships and providing support for their personal brand development.

A professional athlete
has a short career.

WE believe in
maximizing their value During this short window


The AC supports our athletes in demonstrating and capturing their commercial value.  The AC creates a system for an athlete to maximize their value by linking where they play with their personal brand and potential commercial partners.  This system allows the athlete to maximize their value.

We will work with the athlete to create a clear career pathway that enhances their elite prospects and help them identify the best opportunities to play their best.  Using our network within North America and beyond we can support an athlete in their playing goals.

As the athlete goes through their career, The AC can help them enhance their personal brand.  Working with our branding experts, the athlete will understand how they can connect with a community that shares their values in a meaningful way.

The AC has connections with a number of companies that are looking to partner with our athletes.  We have had success in both providing in-kind sponsorships as well as paid sponsorships.

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