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The hardest part of a pro-athlete's career is the end. The AC helps our athletes prepare for retirement from their sport.

The end of a playing career should not be seen as a door closing, but as an opportunity to open many doors.

As athletes prepare for their life after sport they need to begin to change the way they think about themselves. For many they are defined as an athlete and when that ends it is a struggle and they can experience some mental wellness challenges. The AC will prepare athletes for this transition and will link them with experts to support this journey.

The biggest question for an athlete after retirement is "what now?" The identification of a fulfilling career either within or outside the sport is an important step for all athlete's facing retirement. The AC will provide support before an athlete retires so that this question is answered before they have to make a decision. Working with experts our athletes will be able to network within their sport to identify and enhance opportunities when they retire. The AC provides tools and frameworks to help an athlete through the recruiting process of a new career.

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The AC focuses on the person and the athlete to ensure they can fulfil their goals on the pitch, home, family and beyond rugby.

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