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Strength Foundation 2.0

A quote stolen off an amazing performance coach Jeremy Sheppard, but just follows up on my last blog, explaining how important strength development is at this time of year.Now more so than ever, when considering covid and how it has disrupted structured training and training specifically for competition.

Tried and True Recovery Strategies

So you just had a hard workout, you’re beat, you’re thirsty, you’re sweaty and you just want to chill at home. But…. what you do next is critical for how your body and mind will recover so that you can do it all over again tomorrow. Let’s talk about recovery strategies and why you need them.

Goal setting that works

You might have heard about goal setting. If you have, that’s great, if you have not about it and why it is essential, here’s a mini introduction to goals, what they are, why they are crucial, and what you can do with them. Humans are goal-directed; we strive and grow based on what we need and what we want.

The Minute-Long Handstand and Body Awareness

Have you ever seen someone do a handstand? I mean really do a handstand and be able to hold it for like a minute plus? I’m sure you have, and I’m sure you have wondered how the heck they do that? To start, you probably think they have really good balance and strong shoulders, back, and core right? That’s true, they do, but they also awareness...

An Elite Athlete’s Guide to Supplements

As an emerging elite athlete, you’re constantly trying to find ways to improve your game. Maybe you can get a step faster, a few pounds heavier or lighter, jump a bit higher, or even make it through the third grueling workout of the day.

Strength Foundation - Finish 2020 Strong, to Start 2021 Fast…

This year will be remembered for many things, but one thing is for certain, the longest “off season” in pro sports ever. Time to take stock, reflect and close in on training goals that can add sustainability and physical prowess to your career development and long term success.  

Are You Tired? The other 20 hours of the day…

Training and video analysis may account for 4 hours of your day, so what’s next? What are you doing with the other 20 hours? In my experience, the 20 hours away from the training environment are the hours that separate the elite from the sub elite.