Meya Bizer
USA Representative




Meya Bizer played a plethora of sports through her senior year of high school, including American football, soccer, lacrosse, and picked up rugby her Junior year. Meya’s first USA event was for a U17 USA team in 2011. She spent the next 3 summers playing with the U20 team along with making her debut on the HSBC 7's series at 18 in May 2012. Meya made her 15's debut in November 2012 and represented the USA at the 2014 World Cup in Paris.

When it came time to choose a college Meya initially took a football scholarship to The University of Saint Mary, but after deciding she wanted to further pursue rugby she transferred to the power house of the time, Penn State. Throughout her college career Bizer was traveling out to Chula Vista, CA almost monthly to train with the 7's team at the Olympic Training Center (OTC). In 2015 Meya decided to take a year off school to accept a contract at the OTC for the year leading up to the Rio Olympics. Meya was named to the 2016 Olympic team as a travel reserve. Unfortunately, she suffered a serious injury days before the team left for Rio and was not able to go.

Meya went back to finish school Aug 2016 and graduated May 2017 with a BA in Psychology. Meya was offered a new contract in Sept 2018 and has been training and touring with both the 7's and 15's teams since then.


Meya Bizer

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I chose to be part of AC to broaden my network and make connections with athletes and professionals striving help rugby reach the next level.